Windows Server 2008

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At MaximumASP we believe in the Microsoft suite of development tools. This means you can be assured that our focus remains with the technologies that you use. Our specialization and proficiency in delivering Microsoft technologies means you don’t have to worry about the capabilities of your hosting provider, leaving you to do what you do best ... building the applications that power the Internet.

Offering our customers the latest Microsoft technologies ensures that they stay one step ahead of the completion. Microsoft Windows Server 2008 with Internet Information Services 7 is the most advanced Windows Server operating system ever created. MaximumASP and its customers have found that IIS 7.0 helps streamline application development for greater productivity.

"This new server is amazing - it instantly sped up my sites by over 40%; it’s like getting a code rewrite with no work. I can tell you so far that as long as everything keeps on like this I want to use this for ALL of my new IIS servers"

Deke Hooper, CTO CyberTV LLC (

IIS 7 will reduce total cost of ownership, improve manageability, and create new business opportunities. Here are a few things you can do with IIS 7:

Scale Your Infrastructure:

  • Easily sandbox thousands of Web sites on a single server; share configuration between multiple servers
  • Improved site and server management experience with the redesigned IIS Manager

Reduce Costs:

  • Site owners and developers can control delegated features settings with the new IIS Manager
  • Rapid troubleshooting with very detailed error messages and built-in request tracing
  • Dramatically simplify deployments with the new, flexible XML configuration system

Go to Market Faster:

  • Extensible, modular architecture allows you to quickly bring new features to market
  • Deeply integrate IIS into your environment using public configuration and control APIs
  • World-class performance and reliability hosting of ASP, ASP.NET, and PHP applications
  • New, extensible FTP server providing secure connections, improved site isolation and more

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Microsoft Windows Server 2008 — Built for the Web!

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