SQL Server

Shared SQL Server

Need database hosting services but don't have experience running a dedicated SQL server? No problem! Using our shared SQL servers, you can have the best of both worlds. With access via Studio Manager, full back-end server management by our on-staff DBAs, and dual power, dual-homed servers, you have a complete database package that provides management, flexibility and protection for your database assets. Shared SQL Servers features include:

  • SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition
  • High Availability via Database Mirroring offered
  • Solid State Drives to improve performance
  • Resource Governor for predicable performance
  • Change Data Capture
  • Data Compression
  • Unlimited databases and growth
  • PCI compliant servers available

Dedicated SQL Server

MaximumASP is proud to be one of the first Microsoft Gold Certified hosting providers to offer Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 on all Windows dedicated servers and the first to offer FREE Hosted SQL Server Test Labs. Sign-up for a free account today at www.previewsqlserver.com and try out the latest and greatest features including:

  • LINQ support
  • New spatial and date/time data types
  • FILESTREAM data type
  • Transparent Encryption
  • Data & Backup Compression
  • Policy Based Management
  • Enhanced Auditing

Dedicated SQL Servers provide commited resources to enhance performance and reliability for your application. MaximumASP provides Dedicated SQL Servers to web developers, enterprises and organizations needing advanced support and functionality. With a full team of database administrators (DBAs) a Dedicated SQL Server can give you both the robust database functionality and expert support you need.

High Availability Dedicated Server Servers

MaximumASP recommends hosting Dedicated SQL Servers on separate hardware for security and top performance. Dedicated SQL Servers can put an intense demand on resources such as CPU and RAM. Dedicated SQL Servers with high I/O needs can see performance benefits from the use of solid state drives. MaximumASP offers custom High Availability solutions for your SQL Server needs. Our team of DBAs can help design and configure a solution that will meet your database's specific needs. MaximumASP supports the following technologies:

  • Database Mirroring
  • Database Log Shipping
  • Server Clustering

Contact sales to get a customer quote for a Dedicated SQL Server

SQL Support Packages

Supplemental Dedicated SQL Server support is available from our team of DBAs for just $129 a month and includes:

  • Direct contact with the MaximumASP SQL team
  • Monitoring of SQL Server and SQL Agent service to ensure that the database remains running
  • Configuration of local database backups and transaction log backups
  • Nightly checks for database integrity issues
  • Weekly rebuilds of database indexes and statistics are rebuilt weekly
  • Monitoring of backup jobs for failures including notification for both customers and the MaximumASP SQL Team of failures via Quest's Spotlight on SQL
  • Free Index Tuning Analysis available twice a year
  • SQL Server disk space monitoring
  • Alerts on performance based events