FAQs - Server Monitoring and Management

MaximumASP constantly monitors your servers for problems and outages 24x7x365. In the event of an outage our 24 hour MSCE Superior Support staff will take corrective action to tackle the problem and recover any failures.

  • Proactive – We check your server for up time with a ping scan and check for RDP service. In the event of a failure our superior support staff will take care the problem within minutes
  • Preventive Monitoring – We routinely review any recurring problems, to determine if in depth analysis is needed to prevent repetitive problems
  • All software is owned operated and maintained by MaximumASP,  no additional licensing fees to you
  • We watch your server 24 hours a day, when a problem does occur experienced staff are available immediately to help recover and maintain your server uptime
  • Enterprise Level Software - MaximumASP utilizes multiple monitoring solutions including Nagios which allows for current status information, historical logs and reports.

Customized Monitoring Options

All servers are covered by a Ping and RDP service checks. However if you would like additional checks, customized monitors are available in groups of 5 for a $25 set-up fee and an additional $25 per month. Contact sales@maximumasp.com to choose from our wide range of monitored services and alert notifications.

Monitors that are checked from the server by an agent that then reports back

  • Services – We can configure an agent that runs on your server to check the state of other services.  Most common examples of service checks are to verify that SQL Server and SQL Server Agent are running.
  • Disk Usage - This is a check of the amount of free space on a given disk, the amount free is percentage based.
  • Memory Usage - Similar to the disk check, this checks the memory usage of the server

Monitors that are checked directly from a remote server

  • ASP - This is a check that accesses a specified page and searches that page for a specified word or phrase.
  • HTTP, FTP, POP, SMTP - These are all basic checks that verify the appropriate service is responding on its port as it should, does not verify that everything works correctly after initial connection.
  • Ports - This is a check of a specified port. This will verify that the port is open and allowing traffic. This does not verify that any services are responding on the port. Most commonly this is used to verify RDP is open.