FAQs - Bandwidth

What type of Internet connection do you have?

MaximumASP utilizes a scalable, redundant "bandwidth-on-demand" solution. Depending on network traffic and nationwide bottleneck status, our web server traffic is routed down multiple OC-12 Internet connections to national Internet backbones, AT&T, GlobalCrossings and Qwest. Our local connectivity is through BellSouth, KDL and Adelphia via high-speed SONET OC-48 connections.

What if I need more space or bandwidth?

Your visitors won't be shut out if you exceed the bandwidth allotment for a shared hosting account. You simply would pay for the overage at $1 per GB.

Additional bandwidth can be purchased in 1Mbps bundles (approx. 324GB) for $100 per month.

How is bandwidth usage tracked?

Our hardware based system using equipment from Brocade and InMon counts inbound and outbound transfers for all IP addresses assigned to your server. You may log into the control panel to monitor your bandwidth usage report in real time.