FAQs - Backups

The Plans

We offer two managed backup service plans to fit your disaster recovery needs and budget. In addition, we offer offsite replication, as well as Full System Recovery in the event of complete server failure.

MaxDR 7 - Our entry level backup product offering unmetered backups *, a seven (7) day retention range, and a full set of features including Granular File Recovery and complete portability at an affordable price.

MaxDR 14 - Our second tier backup product is similar to the MaxDR 7 plan, with an identical set of features and unmetered backups *, however we extend the retention range to fourteen (14) days. This is for customers requiring a longer range of data retention for recovery.

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Additional Options

Plus Offsite – Daily replication of your Recovery Points to an offsite location. This option provides protection of your critical data from the unlikely event of a datacenter fire where equipment is destroyed, a natural disaster, or some other event causing your server and our backups to be destroyed.

Full System Recovery – Each MaxDR plan has the capability to provide a complete, from the ground up, recovery of your server to the same or similar hardware. In the event of a catastrophic server failure (for instance, multiple hard drive failure, motherboard failure, virus infestation, etc.) where your server cannot be repaired, we can attempt a complete server recovery using one of your Recovery Points

The Technology

MaxDR offers a number of technologies and features that make recovery easy and painless:

  • Unmetered *. Virtually no space restrictions with MaxDR. The focus is on the complete server protection experience without nickel and diming you for space.
  • Simplified. Two out of the box plans to choose from; Daily backups with 7 day retention period, and daily backups with 14 day retention period. We take the guess work out and make it easy to choose.
  • Controllable. Need a longer retention period, or need to scale back to save some money? Now YOU have the power through our control panel to define your protection length.
  • Affordable. Simply pay for what you need based on retention period. Priced competitively to allow anyone from small single server to many servers the benefits of a managed backup solution.
  • Portability. Need to pull down a Recovery Point for long-term storage on your dedicated server, or download it locally? Now you can!
  • Uniformity. We use the same software and hardware infrastructure across our entire line of dedicated server platforms.

The Infrastructure

All of our services are built on our fully redundant gigabit network with Dell hardware and Dell NAS technology providing reliable high performance application environments. In the case of a critical server failure due to a service outage, we can restore service availability quickly and efficiently minimizing impact on our customers.

In addition, we heavily utilize Symantec technology to bring MaxDR to you. Symantec provides the award winning Backup Exec System Recovery, the Symantec Management Platform, and Symantec Storage Foundation providing a leading class server protection infrastructure, as well as a rock solid storage foundation. Together, these technologies facilitate not only making sure your data is backed up reliably and predictably, but that it is stored safely and available when you need it.

The Schedule

Our backup window is between the hours of 6:30PM and 6AM EST. Typically, most servers being backing up within 4 hours of the scheduled backup window and complete well before the window ends.

Custom Plans are available to fit MaxDR to your needs.

Want to learn more? Feel free to browse through our Disaster Recovery KB articles or contact sales@maximumasp.com for more information!

* Note there is a limit for high usage clients of 600 GB per server, clients who consistently exceed this amount of storage will be asked to purchase additional backup space or reduce the amount of data backed-up to not exceed the 600 GB limit.