From $239 / Mo

Dedicated Servers

MaximumASP offers nine different configurations of dedicated servers to meet your Windows and .NET hosting needs. Hosted on our multi-tiered Enterprise Class network, these servers provide the performance, security and reliability you need to host your high-end web sites and applications.

Whether you need an entry-level web server to run your web application, or a high-end application or database server, one of our configurations will meet your needs. We offer:

  • Enterprise Firewall, Intrusion Prevention and Anti-Virus included!
  • 99.999% Guaranteed Network Uptime
  • Complete Service Pack and Critical Patch Management
  • Secure, managed servers starting at $239/month!
  • *Smarter Tools Bundle at no additional cost *(Limit one per customer)

We offer competitive pricing on add-on services and enterprise software, allowing customers to take advantage of our savings on hardware, component licensing and bandwidth. Low startup costs and monthly fees that are among the best in the market provide a dedicated server solution that will work within your budget.


ModelProcessorRAMHard DriveSQLBandwidthMonthly
B100Q Quad Core 2.0 GHz Nehalem 4GB 2x250 SATA RAID 1 200MB 500GB $359
B200 2xQuad Core 2.0 GHz Nehalem 4GB 2x250 SATA RAID 1 200MB 500GB $395
E100 Quad Core 2.13GHz Nehalem 4GB 2x146 SAS RAID 1 200MB 500GB $479
E300D 2xQuad Core 2.13 GHz Nehalem 6GB 3x146 SAS RAID 5 500MB 1000GB $599
E400D 2xQuad Core 2.13 GHz Nehalem 8GB 4x146 SAS RAID 10 500MB 1000GB $719
E500 2xQuad Core 2.13GHz Nehalem 16GB 4x146 SAS RAID 10 500MB 1000GB $899