Custom Solutions Additions

MaximumASP offers competitive pricing on add-on services and enterprise software, allowing customers to take advantage of our savings on hardware, component licensing, and bandwidth. Low startup costs and monthly fees that are among the best on the market provide a dedicated server solution that will not break the bank.

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Add-OnSetup FeeMonthly Fee
Additional 50MB SQL Server Space$0$20
Additional Bandwidth (324 GB blocks - 1Mbps sustained over 30 days)$0$100
Additional IP Addresses$0$1
Additional Terminal Server Licenses$0$10
Custom Name Servers$0$25
Server Monitoring$25$25
Disaster RecoverySetup FeeMonthly Fee
MaxDR 7 (7 day retention, onsite)$50$99
MaxDR 7 Plus Offsite (7 day retention, onsite + offsite )$50$199
MaxDR 14 (14 day retention, onsite)$50$149
MaxDR 14 Plus Offsite (14 day retention, onsite + offsite)$50$249
Full System Recovery (One-time cost, requires MaxDR Subscription)$200$0
Custom Backup Plans are available. Please contact sales for more information.
Microsoft SQL ServerSetup FeeMonthly Fee
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise$299$1139
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition$50$359
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Web$0$30
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise$299$1139
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition$50$359
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Web$0$30
Supplemental Dedicated SQL Server Support$0$129
Juniper Networks NetScreen-SSG VPN / FirewallSetup FeeMonthly Fee
NetScreen Unlimited Users 8000 sessions$100$120
NetScreen Unlimited Users 16000 sessions$100$150
NetScreen Unlimited Users 16000 sessions for high-availability$150$220
Load BalancedSetup FeeMonthly Fee
F5 BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager$100Starting at $100
Hardware UpgradesSetup FeeMonthly Fee
Additional Disk SpaceCall for PricingCall for Pricing
Additional 1GB RAM$7$25
Note: servers with more than 4GB of RAM require Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition with a setup fee of $150 and a monthly fee of $10. Contact sales for more information.
GlobalSign SSL CertificatesStandard (annual fee)Wildcard (annual fee)
Other OffersSetup FeeMonthly Fee
* SmarterTools Bundle at no additional cost
*(Limit one per customer)
No additional chargeNo additional charge
Includes: SmarterStats (50 sites), SmarterMail (unlimited domains, 250 users total), and SmarterTrack (2 agents)
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