maxesp FAQs

How many sites am I "sharing" the environment with?

Each server handles 20-30 sites at a time, based on current load. The application-aware load balancing layer is also aware of the load on each machine's CPU and memory, and acts accordingly to evenly distribute request.

Is there support for PERL or PHP in MaxESP

Currently, not for PERL, but we now support PHP/MySQL.

Can I install software like COM objects or .NET assemblies?

No, since MaxESP is built around the concept of a server farm, we cannot allow objects to be installed into the GAC or registered in COM. Your site runs in medium trust, so any .NET functionality that can run with Full trust should work.

Which product is for me - MaxV or MaxESP?

MaxESP is the most affordable way to get a true PCI compliant Highly Available hosting solution today. However, it is built with a particular developer in mind, someone who doesn't want or need the staff or expertise to manage a full server.

MaxV is a great solution that is affordable and provides a full OS environment so that developers who need to install custom modules, run their applications in full trust, or manage IIS fully can do so without the cost of a full dedicated server.

Can I still use Classic ASP?

Yes, Classic ASP is still available in this environment. However, be aware that if you decide to increase the number of DCUs to more than one, you will need to make sure you are managing session-state in a way that is out-of-process.