FAQs - Dynamic Capacity Upgrades

What is DCU?

One of the most exciting features of MaxESP is Dynamic Capacity Upgrades or DCU. DCU is a way you can instantly increase a site's presence during times of high traffic.

How does DCU increase my site's presence?

Using our application-aware load balancing, we can spin up multiple instances of your website on-demand to effectively multiply your throughput and performance. If your application needs resources, the DCU can also increase CPU and memory allocations for each instance (it works either way) and you choose how to use it.

What is application aware load balancing?

Not only is your IP address load balanced at the IP level for redundancy, but another layer of load balancing then abstracts the request to a hostname only, allowing it to be active in multiple locations in the server farm. Microsoft's Application Request Routing module means that you can dynamically add or subtract the number of servers the application-aware layer of load balancing will simultaneously use.

How do I take advantage of DCU for my site?

Your MaxESP account comes with 1 DCU by default. Experiment with it by making your website multiplexed across the MaxESP environment. The only coding required is that if you're using session state, you'll need to set up a state database. You'll also need to set a machine key in your web.config. The code for both actions is provided on each MaxESP account's control panel.