Eligible firms are professional services firms that provide web development and design, regardless of membership in the Microsoft Partner Network. Firms must have 10 or fewer employees and must be developing new sites on the Windows platform.

Business Opportunities

Expand your reach and customer touchpoints and expose your services to the broad set of Microsoft customers and partners. Benefit from marketing activities to drive demand towards your portfolio of Web solutions.

Support and Training

Get dedicated support from peers around the world—agencies, developers, and designers who will provide a wide range of support resources. Receive free online training, and webinars to assist you in your learning journey.

Software and Solutions

Receive fast, easy, and immediate access to current full-featured Microsoft development tools, platform technologies, and production licenses of server products to develop and bring to market differentiated, innovative, and rich Internet sites and applications. Improve your productivity through ready-to-use and customizable solutions.

Microsoft WebsiteSpark

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Join today and gain qualified leads from Microsoft marketing vehicles reaching millions of prospects world wide.

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WebsiteSpark™ provides you software, tools, support and training that helps enable you to provide your customers with competitively priced hosting solutions on the Windows Web platform. And bestof all -- there are NO up-front costs!

Get software and tools:

  • Windows® Web Server 2008 (3 user licenses)
  • SQL Server® 2008 Web Edition (3 user licenses)
  • Expression® Studio 2 (1 user license)
  • Expression® Web 2 (2 user licenses)
  • Visual Studio® 2008 Professional Edition (3 user licenses)

Support and training to assist in development expertise

  • Two technical support incidents per program membership
  • Training events and activities
  • Unlimited access to technical manage newsgroups on MSDN
  • Unlimited program support for non-technical issues
  • Access to broad community support though connections with Network Partners, Hosting Partners, and peers with complementary services and technologies
MaxV for WebsiteSpark 2009 Hosting Partner of the Year Dedicated Servers for WebsiteSpark
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Join WebsiteSpark today to reach a new audience and gain access to software, support, and tools with no up-front costs.

The WebsiteSpark technology offering is exclusive to WebsiteSpark Web Pros and their individual employees who have accepted the WebsiteSpark License Terms. The WebsiteSpark technologies must not be transferred to a third party.

The information is representative and not comprehensive. Products, versions, availability and additional benefits are subject to change. Because this offering is likely to be updated from time to time, Web Pros and Network Partners should visit the Microsoft WebsiteSpark website at http://www.websitespark.com for updates.