Network Security

Network security and the security of your serverare MaximumASP's top priorities. Our security team is constantly monitoring the entire network for unusual or suspicious behavior so that when it is detected we can address the issue before our network or your server is affected. We perform weekly vulnerability scans using the best tools and practices available to secure and protect your servers.

The MaximumASP network was designed to be a secure network without giving up the reliability, redundancy or speed your systems require. MaximumASP also offers custom security solutions that can be designed for your specific needs. Private Firewalls, Virtual Private Networks and Dedicated Networks are all available as upgrade options to our standard services.

  • Intrusion Prevention Systems

    Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) are devices used to protect the internal network from all forms of attacks. They watch all network data to detect and block exploits, attacks, reconnaissance attempts and other unwanted traffic. These devices dig deep into the network packets to ensure no unwanted traffic is making its way from the Internet to your servers.

  • Enterprise and Private Firewalls

    Our edge layer firewalls are what protect our internal network from the public internet. At this layer the firewalls are statefully watching all packets coming into and out of our network. We use these firewalls to block based on source/destination IP address or source/destination ports. These firewalls can also be used to protect against some Layer 7 (application layer) attacks and denial of service attacks.

    Private firewalls are also available for servers that needs added security or needs to be physically separated from the internal network. With a private firewall we can customize your level of security and help you define a security policy for your server. This option also gives you the ability to use a virtual private network (VPN) to access your servers, which keeps all traffic between you and your servers safe with today's strongest encryption technology. More »

  • Anti-Virus

    Most hosting providers charge an additional fee for a managed enterprise-level anti-virus solution, if they offer one at all. Today more than ever, this feature is so critical that MaximumASP includes fully managed anti-virus protection on every server at no additional cost.