Infrastructure Faqs - Enterprise Firewalls

Hardware Based Firewall Options

Choose one of our Juniper Networks Netscreen Firewall options available with upgrades:


  • Five Users 8000 sessions $120 a month
  • Five Users 16000 sessions $150 a month
  • Five Users 16000 sessions with HA $220 a month
  • Typically recommended for 2 servers or less

These are managed solutions that require at least a 48 hour install time. Additional users may be purchased for a $5 setup fee with no additional monthly fee.

For more information on NetScreen SSG5 Specifications go here:

What is an Enterprise Firewall?

MaximumASP has made significant investments in developing and deploying advanced network-wide security systems to keep undesirables out of your systems. These systems provide general firewalling, protection from denial of service attacks and intrusion protection for all equipment deployed to our network. The systems protect a wide range of servers and devices and supply a high level of protection. However, the wide range of protocols and ports required to communicate with the Internet require our general security systems to perform in a capacity that satisfies a wide range of customer connection types.

Why do I need a private firewall?

By adding a private firewall offering to your dedicated server you greatly enhance the security of your server and/or your network at MaximumASP. MaximumASP offers Juniper Networks Netscreen SSG private firewall solutions.

Our private firewall options also include Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity to better protect your management services such as FTP, RDP and SQL. A VPN encrypts all information between designated hosts and your MaximumASP environment.

MaximumASP has Netscreen certified engineers on staff to help develop a custom security configuration to meet the security needs of your server. MaximumASP fully manages your firewalls and monitors your network security allowing you to focus on your business.

Other SSG5 options are available with upgrades

What is the maximum number of tunnels that you can manage?

The first five tunnels are included, after that it is an addition $5 per month per additional tunnel.

What is a software based firewall?

Additional protection for your servers is also available using Microsoft Windows Firewall. This is a software based firewall but can sufficiently protect your server against malicious users. Using the Microsoft Windows Firewall allows you to configure VPN services to your server(s) with no added cost. The biggest difference between the hardware based approach offered by MaximumASP and the Windows-based free software approach is that we fully manage our hardware solution. This means that your team can focus on development and maintenance of your web applications, rather than managing firewalls.