Why MaximumASP

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No one knows servers, hosting and technology like MaximumASP – and that's not even the key reason you should partner with us. The reason? MaximumASP's service and support.

Sure, you've heard that one before; it's easy to make a claim like that. But we're the ones who back it up. Just ask those whose opinions matter most: our partners. When a new customer finds MaximumASP, chances are they've found the last hosting provider they'll ever need. Our customer retention rate averages over 98% in an industry that lacks customer loyalty. That's no accident. It's also why most of our new partners arrive by way of good old-fashioned word-of-mouth.

But there's plenty more to the story. For more than six years, MaximumASP has provided Windows-based hosting solutions focused on security, reliability, scalability and quality support from a staff of Microsoft-certified engineers and developers. We were doing business in the hosting segment before it even was a segment. MaximumASP has since become known as one of the premier Windows-based hosting providers in the world by providing customers top-notch support, reliable Dell servers, a scale-on-demand infrastructure and comprehensive network security protection.

We currently host more than 44,000 domain names, and we have proven that the quality support and infrastructure we offered on day one can be scaled to this kind of demand without losing that original level of friendly, reliable customer support. If there's a problem in the middle of the night, we're right here for you. Holidays? You'll find us. And we guarantee a response within 30 minutes. It's what we do.

We know our stuff, too. From virtual hosting solutions to dedicated servers, MaximumASP provides scalable services that allow customers to grow seamlessly over time, while remaining under a single umbrella of support and maintenance. From single-hosting accounts to multi-server deployments with advanced security needs, MaximumASP has you covered.

But let's dig a little deeper; here are MaximumASP's key areas of expertise:

Expert Support

  • You talk to a Microsoft-certified specialist as soon as you contact us. No more wading through multiple tiers of support for an answer.
  • You get resolution quickly and efficiently without repeated ticket escalation. One call, one support ticket.
  • Our staff has been in your shoes. Our support staff is made up of developers and engineers that have written or managed Web applications themselves in the real world. When you need help, they understand.
  • Our team-based management model keeps key product managers in direct touch with you, allowing you to drive product development within MaximumASP.

Top Products by Dell, Brocade Networks and Juniper Networks

  • We use Dell servers exclusively. Dell servers are built to last, and our focus on Dell means that we provide our own in-house break-fix repair. It also means that we know your equipment backwards and forwards, further speeding upgrade and repair times.
  • Brocade Networks switchgear provides total compatibility from the core of our network to the edge where your server connects. Additionally, the Brocade gear enables us to provide detailed bandwidth reporting above and beyond the simple charting that other hosts provide.
  • Juniper Networks routing enables us to add connectivity as needed at the core, ensuring that even our highest-demand customers stay connected at all times. Redundancy built in at this level also provides peace of mind that a connection will always be available, even if a network provider is experiencing a problem.

Scale-on-Demand Infrastructure

  • We keep a carefully managed supply of servers on standby and ready for customers that require immediate, rapid server deployments to fluctuating business requirements or user demand. We can baseline provision-dedicated servers and virtual servers in less than 15 minutes.
  • We offer premium add-on services like hardware load balancing, private firewalls, security scanning, SQL administrative assistance and performance monitoring. This enables you to leverage our staff's expertise to sell complex solutions to your clients. We have been making IT groups of all sizes look like hosting experts for years. Our expertise means more business for you.
  • A modular approach to data center design and deployment, server provisioning and network design allow us to rapidly bring up new resources as customer demand increases. MaximumASP can deploy up to 3,000 square feet of data center space in less than 90 days, add new providers and Internet bandwidth to the core in a hitless manner, and add servers to your existing configuration without disrupting your existing services.

MaximumASP is built around a simple guiding principle: investing the resources and time to do hosting well so that you have the time to do what you do well.

We're always happy to provide you with the servers and services you need to grow your business, but we also want you to view us as an extension of your own staff. Call us anytime; we're right here. We want to be more than just a hosting provider, we want to be your hosting partner – the last hosting partner you'll ever need.