Service Level Agreement

Updated: 01/03/2011

Our SLA - 100% Uptime Guaranteed

At MaximumASP uptime is the most important service we deliver. Documented below is our Service Level Agreement - our guarantee to you that we will deliver 100% uptime for the critical aspects of your hosting solution.

Physical Infrastructure Guarantee

We guarantee our critical physical systems, including: power and cooling, will be available 100% of the time (excluding scheduled maintenance). Critical systems include functioning of all power and cooling infrastructure including generators, UPS equipment and automatic transfer switches. Power supplies of individual servers are not included (they are included in our Hardware Guarantee below). Critical systems downtime exists when a customer's server is unexpectedly shut down due to loss of power or cooling.

Hardware Guarantee

We guarantee the proper function of any MaximumASP supplied standard hardware components and will replace any failed component at no cost to you. The replacement process will begin when the cause of the problem has been determined. Hardware replacement is guaranteed to take no more than 4 hours. Hardware is defined as the processor(s), RAM, hard disk(s), motherboard, NIC card and other related components included in your server configuration. After the hardware is replaced MaximumASP will consult with you and immediately begin the process of restoring your data from backups (if this is a service you have purchased from MaximumASP). Due to the amount of data potentially restored and differences in backup modalities this guarantee does not include the time it takes to restore data. Please note - hardware fails, MaximumASP makes every effort to maintain our equipment, additionally we guarantee that we will replace failed hardware quickly but ultimately a single server cannot run without failure indefinitely. If you require 100% hardware up-time MaximumASP highly recommends the use of multiple load-balanced web servers and mirrored / clustered database servers. Please contact sales for customized recommendations for your specific configuration.

Network Uptime

MaximumASP guarantees that our network will be available 100% of the time (excluding scheduled maintenance). Network uptime comprises the functioning of all network infrastructure including cabling, switches and routers. Network downtime exists if your server is unable to transmit and receive data and you have opened a ticket for the incident in the MaximumASP ticket tracking system.

Terms, Conditions and Definitions

Customers who are delinquent on their payment to MaximumASP are not eligible for credits under this SLA. This web page is an overview of our SLA, and does not replace any existing contractual agreements between MaximumASP and our customers, nor does it imply any agreement without a contract. SLA credits will only be applied when a customer experiences downtime covered by one of the guarantees enumerated above. All credits must be requested via opening a ticket in the MaximumASP ticketing system by the customer within 7 days of the reported downtime, and the downtime must be from a single incident - e.g. if a physical failure and a network failure occur simultaneously, only one credit will be applied. Under no circumstances will an SLA credit be greater than your monthly recurring bill. Downtime is measured from the time the ticket is opened by the customer to the time the problem is resolved and the server comes back on line. In order to be eligible for an SLA credit, downtime must be service impacting. Services and software running on your server are not covered by this SLA. Any issue caused by client negligence is not covered by this SLA. Assuming you comply with these terms and conditions and MaximumASP suffers an outage covered by any of the guarantees listed above, MaximumASP will credit your account 5% of the server's monthly fee for every 30 minutes of downtime (up to, but not exceeding 100% of one monthly payment, this credit will be applied toward your next payment due).