Referral Program FAQ

What is a Referral ID?

This is an eight character alpha-numeric ID assigned to your account for use in referring new customers or setting up new shared or dedicated accounts. It is viewable from within your control panel under the billing section.

How do I get a Referral ID?

All customers get a Referral ID when the account is created. It can be found in your Control Panel under the Billing section. Your referral identification number, and status of your referrals are listed.

What do I do with my Referral ID?

You use this ID to refer new accounts or to set up additional shared or dedicated accounts for yourself. When you refer someone you will need to give them your Referral ID. During the new customer sign-up process, the new customer must provide your Referral ID on the sign-up page on the MaximumASP website. The new customer must include this Referral ID at the time of sign-up in order for you to receive the discount.

How often can I use my Referral ID?

Use the Referral ID often as you like for shared or dedicated sign-ups. There is no limit to the amount of referrals or discounts you can have! You are allowed to distribute your Referral ID in any way you like, including putting it on your web site, including it in emails, forum posts, in slide decks when doing a presentation, etc.

When will the discounts be applied to my account?

The new account must then remain in active service at MaximumASP for a minimum of two months for you to qualify for the discount. At the end of the second month all future receipts will reflect your discounted rate.

Can I view/manage my referrals?

Yes! All referrals are viewable from within your control panel. It will list all referrals to your account(s) along with the status of each referral.

What happens if the account I referred cancels?

You only receive a discount if the account you referred remains active.

What happens if I cancel an account that has a referral discount?

You may contact our billing department to determine if you can re-assign the active referrals to one of your other accounts. If you do not have another account then the referrals are cancelled along with your account. We do not pay cash for referrals. You must have an account with us to receive referral discounts.

I have so many referrals that I have a zero balance! Will you send me a check for the credit?

No, we do not pay cash for referrals. However, if you have additional credits you can purchase additional services and have those discounts applied toward your purchase. As long as your referrals retain an active status you will receive the discount that will pay for those additional services, however you are still liable for those services should one of your referrals cancel and the new total for your discounts do not cover the cost of those additional services.