2009/09/30 MaximumASP Announces Strategic Relationship in Microsoft WebsiteSpark

Web Pros get software licenses for Microsoft technologies, plus training and support through WebsiteSpark 

(Louisville, KY September 30, 2009) MaximumASP, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a provider of Windows-based hosting and managed IT services, today announced that it is a partner in Microsoft’s new program called WebSiteSpark  which provides qualified Web development and design firms with Microsoft software and solution licenses, with no up-front costs, on several of its most popular and current technologies.  These technologies include Microsoft Windows Web Server, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Expression and Microsoft SQL Server Web edition, as well as the support and training they need to offer Web site hosting on the Microsoft Web Platform.  The public availability of Microsoft WebsiteSpark through MaximumASP is a leap forward in making the Microsoft Web Platform more accessible to thousands of developers and designers around the world.

 "Our customers come to us to help them reduce costs and adapt to changing business needs," said Stacy Griggs, VP Sales, MaximumASP. "Together, the WebsiteSpark Program and the Microsoft Web Platform offer developers and designers around the world a robust environment for innovating on the Web while enjoying significant cost savings and great support. Microsoft has been the platform of choice for MaximumASP since 2000. Most recently our Microsoft designation as Microsoft Hosting Solution Partner of the Year was a direct result of our innovation with MaxV, our virtual dedicated server and the cost savings we gained and passed along to our customers with the release of that product. "

For more information and a list of eligibility qualifications:

About MaximumASP

MaximumASP, based in Louisville, Kentucky, was founded in 2000 as an outsourcing firm for Windows-based hosting services. MaximumASP was named by Microsoft as its 2009 Hosting Solutions Partner of the Year. The company currently hosts more than 50,000 domains for customers in over 120 countries. With a strong focus on hosting solutions that combine advanced monitoring and management tools, MaximumASP has become a top choice for Microsoft developers seeking a robust hosting platform for mission-critical web applications. For more information visit www.maximumasp.com

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