2009/04/02 - New Innovations on MaxV Platform

MaximumASP Releases New Innovations on MaxV Platform
Advanced account management tools featured in platform upgrade

(Louisville KY, April 2, 2009)  MaximumASP www.maximumasp.com, a Microsoft Gold Certified Provider of web hosting and managed IT services announced new features on the MaxV virtual dedicated platform www.maxv.com The MaxV Account Center Interface provides advanced monitoring and reporting features with dashboard views.

MaximumASP offers MaxV Virtual Dedicated Servers powered by Microsoft Hyper-V™ virtualization technology. Each MaxV Virtual Dedicated Server performs and behaves exactly like a stand-alone server for both users and applications.

Dominic Foster, CTO at MaximumASP said, "The MaxV management tool upgrade reveals unique benefits, empowering customers to perform many different management and monitoring tasks without requiring any administrative support from MaximumASP staff."

View a wealth of server information with the MaxV Account Center Interface:

  • Current configuration
  • System performance metrics
  • Server health
  • Recent maintenance and software updates
  • Virus scans
Plan for growth based on historical trends with MaxV Performance Monitoring:
  • Stay informed on how well your MaxV server handles your applications
  • Troubleshoot problems quickly and easily when applications compete for server resources
  • Identify spikes in individual resource utilization
Find detailed happenings on your server with MaxV Event Viewer:
  • Access pertinent event log data
  • Correlate differences in server performance with actual events logged on your server
Schedule maintenance events and updates with MaxV Windows Update Viewer:
  • Choose the maintenance window for updates to be installed to minimize potential service interruptions
  • Audit the updates and patches that are applied to your server
  • Preview queued updates prior to deployment
Foster continues, "Everything that MaxV delivers is meant to add value by design. Price and value are key factors to consider particularly in this economic climate, MaxV plans bring exceptional value through a reliable, feature-rich product with cutting edge innovation and superior support."
MaxV standard offering includes:
  • Clustered Configuration for High Availability
  • High Speed SAN Storage
  • Nightly Backups
  • Full Administrative Root Level Access
  • Guaranteed Physical Resources
  • Complete Privacy
Learn more about MaxV account management services by visiting:

About MaximumASP
MaximumASP based in Louisville, Kentucky. was founded in 2000 as an outsourcing firm for Microsoft Windows based hosting and IT services. The company currently hosts more than 50,000 domains for customers in over 60 countries. With a strong focus on hosting solutions that combine advanced monitoring and management tools, MaximumASP has become a top choice for Microsoft developers seeking a robust hosting platform for mission-critical web applications. For more information visit www.maximumasp.com

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