2008/07/31 MaximumASP Partnership With Quest Software Integrates LiteSpeed for SQL Server

MaximumASP, a Microsoft Gold Certified Provider of web hosting and IT services today announced a partnership with Quest Software (Nasdaq: QSFT), a leading provider of application, database, Windows infrastructure management solutions and virtual environments, to offer Quest LiteSpeed for SQL Server to provide the fastest, most secure backups available for SQL Server. The enhancement of services in the MaximumASP supplemental SQL support package will give customers unparalleled performance, flexibility and strengthened security.

Upgrading to the supplemental SQL support package with Quest LiteSpeed will increase backup speed, add a centralized view of backups and restores and reduce backup size by on average of 75-90% or better. The use of LiteSpeed maximizes disk space and process efficiency while greatly reducing server load, thereby resulting in greater overall performance.

"Quest LiteSpeed for SQL Server provides another great incentive for our customers to get the most out of their hosting services with MaximumASP. We like to stay one step ahead with the latest technology to give our customers the tools and benefits necessary to maintain a competitive edge," said Sarah Barela, Manager of Database Services at MaximumASP.

Quest Software's LiteSpeed for SQL Server is a backup and recovery product, whose low impact, high performance compression technology allows companies to reduce storage costs and backup/recovery windows, while maintaining complete control over the backup and recovery process. Recover individual database objects and encapsulate a complete database restore into a single file to speed up restore times.

"Quest and MaximumASP are both huge supporters of SQL Server professionals, specifically the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS)," said Kevin Kline, director of technology for the SQL Server Solutions at Quest Software. "It is great that two organizations that have done so much for the community have come together to add even more value with this supplemental support for LiteSpeed."

Visit http://www.maximumasp.com/products/dedicatedServers/faqs/support.aspx  or contact sales@maximumasp.com today for more information on our support package with LiteSpeed for SQL Server.

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