News from the MaximumASP Lab

At MaximumASP our customers can count on us to provide them with a competitive edge. Making new technology available ahead of other companies helps our customers learn about and experiment with new releases from Microsoft before they go to market. Take a look at some of our internal initiatives offering our customers' solutions well ahead of the pack.

MaxV and Hyper-V News

Max-V System Center Demo

(Computer World - Japan)
MaximumASP's Hyper-V based platform MaxV is featured in a demo of Windows Server 2008 and System Center at Microsoft Management Summit 2009 (Japanese)

Dell Profiles Hyper-V with Case Study

Dell examines how MaximumASP offers highly available virtual servers to increase service levels and efficiency and lower costs.
Download the Case Study (~630Kb)

Video - MaximumASP delivers MaxV on Dynamic Data Center Toolkit

(Microsoft Showcase Videos)
MaximumASP pioneers in providing its customers with MaxV - highly available, scalable, hosted virtual servers; in essence a hosted cloud.

Finding a Virtual Solution in Its Own Backyard

(Redmond Channel Partner Online)
MaximumASP went looking for a virtualization solution. After evaluating the field, the Gold Certified Partner ended up sticking with Microsoft for a new virtual hosting business.

Databases in the cloud

(Tech Target)
MaximumASP's MaxV Product can be used to host your business applications

MaximumASP - Delivering On-Demand Scalability and High Availability at an Affordable Price

MaximumASP's MaxV Product is Featured for it's use of Hyper-V in this Microsoft Case Study

Microsoft Outlines Initiatives for Hosting Providers at the Microsoft Hosting Summit 2009

MaximumASP's use of the Dynamic Data Center Tool Kit garners attention at Microsoft Hosting Summit

Microsoft Hosting Summit 2009; Shifting Conversations and Directions Encouraging

(Hosting Summit Live Blog)
Philbert Shih of Tier1 Research cites MaximumASP's MaxV platform

Microsoft Presents "Virtualization and Cloud Computing"

(Server and Tools Business News Bytes Blog on Technet)
CTO Dominic Foster participates in Microsoft's "Live and Virtualized" Live Meeting

MaximumASP and Power Shell

(Guest Post at Compellent's Corporate Blog)
MaximumASP Senior Systems Engineer Andy Stumph shares some PowerShell scripts used for MaxV platform provisioning to the Compellent Storage Center SAN

VMworld 2008: Microsoft Touts Hyper-V and Customer Adoption

(Windows IT Pro)
CTO Dominic Foster talks about MaximumASP's adoption of the Hyper-V technology.

IIS 7 and Windows Server 2008 News

MaxESP Case Study from Microsoft

On the brink of the release of MaxESP, MaximumASP describes the savings involved in using IIS 7.5 under Windows Server 2008 R2. This solution brings an entirely new level of scalability and power to hosting companies.

Learn what customers like you think about IIS 7

MaximumASP is in the IIS customer spotlight to share how we implement IIS 7 and make it available to our customers.

Web Hosting Firm Empowers Customers with Operating System Upgrade

MaximumASP is featured on Microsoft Case Studies regarding a beta testing environment for IIS 7

SQL Server 2008 Hosted Beta News

SQL Server 2008 Beta Website

MaximumASP and Dell partner to offer SQL Server 2008 Hosted Beta Provides DBAs with a Free SQL Server Instance

(SQL Server Magazine)
SQL Server Magazine tells community of our beta offering

Try SQL 2008 without downloading it

Rick Heiges's SQLBlog announces the SQL 2008 partnership and its features.

Preview: The Big Launch

Free PASS Available for SQL Server 2008 CTP

(Redmond Developer News)
Redmond Developer News announces beta offering and references the beta prior to the SQL 2008 launch