Speedgoat Case Study


Headquartered in Laughlintown, Pennsylvania and hosted with MaximumASP since January 2001, Speedgoat Bicycle is a dedicated group of cyclists who specialize in building custom bikes designed specifically for the individual cycler’s weight, riding style, and priorities.

Speedgoat selected MaximumASP as a hosting partner to help ramp up their online business and create an online presence with super fast connections and 24 x 7 uptime to draw repeat visitors and revenue to their site. Running and patching servers and managing the other infrastructure associated with hosting were not a core part of Speedgoat’s business. Outsourcing all aspects of web and IT hosting was necessary for Speedgoat to give them the ability to focus on what they do best.

MaximumASP's VPS platform gave Speedgoat the flexibility and control of Terminal Services-level management via the MaximumASP Control Panel, while still providing a fully managed hosting platform with MaximumASP taking care of server health monitoring, patches, and comprehensive security protection. MaximumASP offers 99.9 percent uptime to all customers and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their critical data is hosted in MaximumASP's world class data center.

By pairing the server management expertise of MaximumASP with a unique and innovative online bike sizing and purchasing system, Speedgoat has been able to focus on building some of the baddest two-wheeled rides found on trail and tarmac worldwide without having to worry about whether or not the server is up for that next custom order. The Speedgoat case is an excellent example of how MaximumASP can help relieve the some of the IT burden on growing businesses allowing them to focus on their core areas of expertise, in this case building high-performance bicycles.

"In addition to scalability, fast connectivity, and uptime, we needed a hosting provider that would be attentive to our needs, especially given our plans for future growth. After reviewing other hosting providers, we were most comfortable with MaximumASP's approach and shared hosting platform. The combination of MaximumASP's helpful and knowledgeable support staff and outstanding up-time has made us certain that the choice to host with MaximumASP six years ago remains the best choice" said co-founder Chris Currie.

The MaximumASP shared platform handles traffic for Speedgoat and 49 other VPS customers on the same server with millisecond response times and the same level of high speed performance and reliability.