EveryWarehouse\eWMS Case Study


Building A Single Custom Image for OS Deployment

Headquartered in Evanston, Illinois EveryWarehouse\eWMS provides outsourced warehousing and last mile delivery across the country with over 150 networked locations. From specialized transport and handling needs to EDI integrations, EveryWarehouse has the experience, resources, and technology to create customized outsourced warehousing programs.

EveryWarehouse chose to partner with MaximumASP for their web hosting needs when it became apparent that another web host was falling short and hiring IT staff to do the job internally would take resources away from their core business focus. Finding a web host that was innovative and responsive was critical.

MaximumASP began working directly with EveryWarehouse to plan, test, size, monitor and deploy a server provisioning solution that can be quickly replicated and rapidly deployed.

Using Altiris Deployment Solution technology MaximumASP creates and deploys OS images on Dell PowerEdge servers. Image-based OS deployment processes typically require creating, maintaining, and deploying separate images for each hardware vendor and server model in an IT environment. Using hardware-independent images, however, can eliminate this need, thereby helping simplify server provisioning preparation and deployment processes.

The single image approach for OS deployment combined with a carefully managed supply of servers on standby means MaximumASP is ready whenever EveryWarehouse requires immediate, rapid server deployment based on fluctuating business needs or user demand. Immediate access to baseline provision-dedicated servers can be available to EveryWarehouse in fewer than 15 minutes.

"The expertise MaximumASP brings to the table is an invaluable service to our overall business model. MaximumASP's hosted IT infrastructure streamlines our business operations and automates business processes allowing for greater efficiencies" said Every Warehouse’s CIO CJ Cadwell. "We also enjoy the benefits and peace of mind that come with hosting in a secure, reliable and scalable environment".

EveryWarehouse currently hosts seven dedicated servers at MaximumASP with content from all seven servers kept secure and stable behind a separate private firewall.