Byte Interactive Case Study


Rapid Tactical Deployment For High Traffic Network Television Promotion

Connecticut based online marketing firm Byte Interactive selected MaximumASP to do planning, testing, sizing, deployment and monitoring for a website sweepstakes promotion airing on national television. The popular TV series "The Apprentice" featured a website sweepstakes to win a new fragrance from country music star Shania Twain.

Working with Byte Interactive on a two-week deadline; Maximum ASP set-up three front-end Windows 2003 dedicated web servers with Brocade load balancing and advanced switches to manage web content. Two additional "instantaneous fail-over" SQL servers were tested and set-up on the back end to store and retrieve the sweepstakes information.

MaximumASP delivered a hosting solution for with 100% uptime avail-ability during the promotion; easily scaling to meet the traffic demands generated by the promotion. Advanced monitoring by Microsoft Certified Systems engineers provided an accurate picture of how devices were performing throughout the promotion and during peak periods.

Over 45,000 unique names were added to the ShaniabyStetson database, and the integrity and privacy of all web content and gathered data was kept secure and stable behind MaximumASP’s Zero Intrusion Network.