Customer Quotes

" I was with you since about 2001 and I loved it. Being somewhere else, after being with MaximumASP, is a living hell. "

Customer Testimonials

At MaximumASP we understand that earning positive word of mouth from our customers is an essential part of maintaining our reputation as a leader in Microsoft hosting. By proactively listening and learning from our customers, MaximumASP continues its commitment to customer excellence by delivering hosting solutions and services of the highest industry standards.

Here are some reviews from customers with years of service from MaximumASP:

Muhammad Ali International Peace Center Museum Five Stars

Written by: Cliff Slater from Louisville, KY- Muhammad Ali International Peace Center Museum

We were thrilled when MaximumASP came forward with the technical expertise and resource capabilities to develop our technology framework and will always be grateful. Their help in making the Ali Center website accessible to visitors around the globe is helping us fulfill our mission--through a world-class data center, providing fully redundant internet backbone connections, power supplies and highly secure environment. MaximumASP has proven to be reliable and top-notch.

Review Based On:One year of usage

Kontech - Philadelphia Computer Repair Five Stars

Written by: Matt K from Philadelphia, PA - Kontech - Philadelphia Computer Repair

We are an IT consulting company supporting small and mid size business in the Philadelphia Metro area.

One of the challenges we’ve been facing for a while was to find a solid shared windows hosting company for our clients whose businesses rely on legacy ASP and ASP .NET applications. After having tried various hosting companies over the years we can finally settle.

We've been using one of the cloud computing managed hosting packages - MaxV Plan A with Windows 2008 server for over a year now. The server is exclusively dedicated for email and the client is very pleased with our choice, as they don’t have to worry about calling us to report email issues as they used to. One of the valuable features of this and other shared hosting plans is scalability. If you are running out of disk space you can request an increase though the MaximumASP control panel in 10 GB increments. Once submitted it takes 15-20 for change to take effect. That’s fast!

Whenever we've run into configuration issues with SmarterMail setup/configuration, SPAM control or OS security their tech support is always available, responsive and friendly. Did I mention 24/7?

Keep up the good work MaximumASP team!

Review Based On:One year of usage

What a company!!! Five Stars

Written by: Stephen Joyner from Florida- Big Web Systems

I have been with Maximum ASP for over 5 years now and I remember them promising "zealous customer support". Well let me tell ya. It ain't no lie. The best part is that in my 5 years I have rarely had to use that support. But when I did .. it was there ..If you are looking for a hosting company, look no further. They are not a vendor. They are a partner. At least that is how they have made me feel

Review Based On: 5 years of usage

Not just hosting: It's a strategic advantage Five Stars

Written by: Josep Tort Armengol from Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain -
Strengths: Easy multidomain admin, Lots of useful ASP components, Fast technical support, Very proactive team.

We are a small web design company. We provide hosting, search engine optimization and marketing online to our customers (we have about 70 customers and more than 200 web sites, all them hosted at MaximumASP). We have been using a Virtual Dedicated Server for more than two years, and now we have upgraded to a Business Dedicated Server. We used other hosting companies before, and just after we migrated to MaximumASP we experienced a big customer increase, partly because all those great preinstalled ASP components that allowed us to develop our sites much faster and richer, and thanks too to the multidomain management system: we can setup a full new web site in 5 minutes: Add domain to DNS, add domain to Virtual Server, select destination folder, setup email accounts, upload website, Done. And now with our new dedicated server we are experiencing an outstanding quality service. Much faster server response, lots of disk space, terminal server access... Our customers have also noticed the faster response of their web sites and are happier than ever. When we have an issue, they almost always reply very fast, and not just to workaround the issue: They look forward and suggest us a better alternative, if it exists. Sometimes, when we are in doubt about using a technology/tool vs another, we ask to MaximumASP tech support and they gently reply us which one they would go for. That's not just a hosting provider... that's consulting too! Sure you can find a cheaper hosting provider, but it can't be the same. The price is worth it. And there is also a referal program to get discounts to your monthly fees. If you sign up now using our referal id UCHJ-8188 you will get a 20$ discount. The only fallback right now is the 10 Mb mailbox limit. But they told us that this will be upgraded very soon.

Review Based On: 30 Months of usage

Absolutely the best! Five Stars

Written by: Jag Sidhu from Silicon Valley, California -
Strengths: Excellent support, knowledge, competence, performance and value

The folks at MaximumASP are absolutely amazing! Their support is excellent, their knowledge and competence is unmatched by any other web host, and they are always professional, friendly, and helpful. I have recommended MaximumASP to countless friends, customers, and other web developers for over four years and I intend to continue doing so in the future. If you have a small, low-traffic website then MaximumASP may not be for you but if you have several domains or high-traffic websites then MaximumASP is an excellent choice.

Review Based On: 52 Months of usage

By far my best hosting experience Five Stars

Written by: Michael Van Flandern from washington -
Strengths: Excellent support, knowledge, competence, performance and value

Several years ago converting from a static HTML to an ASP forced us to change hosts. We tried 3 different services in a span of 18 months, trying to find a home with the features, support and responsiveness we needed. We finally landed at MaximumASP and have been delighted ever since. They take uptime very seriously (I don't ever worry about the server anymore). In addition their VPS solution allows phenominal flexibility at well below the cost of a dedicated box. Even though we're on a shared box you'd never be able to tell from the reponsiveness of our site. And ASP will install just about any components for us though to date they've already had a preinstalled component for everything we've needed. Finding a good host was a nightmare, but MaximumASP has been a huge relief.

Review Based On: 48 Months of usage

Hosting Can't Get Any Better Than This Five Stars

Written by: Ernest Murry from Austin, TX -
Strengths: Amazing Support, Great Prices, Astounding Service

Wow. I've been with MaximumASP for two years now and I could not be happier. Even when I crashed my own server beyond repair, their support quickly got it back up and running for me. There have been numerous times when they have assisted me with questions that ended up being my fault and helped me as a new user of dedicated services to learn what I needed to know to make my websites a success. One incident in particular where they assisted me above and beyond the call of service was when an attack on my one of my hosted sites brought down the entire shared server I was on. They quickly notified me of the situation, helped me trace the culprits and set me up on a spare dedicated server for close to the same price I was paying for the shared service. As always they were fast and efficient in getting me back up and running and even provided tips on how to prevent, track and handle any future attacks. I cannot say it enough. USE THEM. MaximumASP is the best hosting service around. They are responsive, helpful (even when you make a mess of things) and always provide the highest quality service and support. I also have to mention their control panel. They offer more features in an intuitive control panel than should be legal. You always know exactly what's going on with your account at all times. Another amazing feature is the pre-installed components that really help when you're trying to build an interactive site. It doesn't matter what size your site is. If you want a hosting service that stays in touch with the latest technologies and always strives to please their customers, choose MaximumASP. I'm sure glad I did.

Review Based On: 24 Months of usage

Windows ASP Hosting Five Stars

Written by: Mr Guillon from England UK -
Strengths: Fast, Efficient, Technically Advanced, Releiable and Courtious,

We have not been able to find a Windows ASP ISP to match Maximum ASP here in the UK. We are an ISP with Linux hosting and need reliable service to host our ASP.NET solutions - MaxASP are ahead of the game.

Review Based On: 14 Months of usage

Fantastic Five Stars

Written by: Theo Kandiliotis from Athens,Greece -
Strengths: SUPPORT!!,features,bandwidth,components

This hosting company is probably the best there is for serious,business hosting. We are a small web development firm form Athens,Greece and maximum.asp has covered all our hosting needs in the best possible way.

Review Based On: 3 Months of usage

Product Delivery by Developers for Developers Five Stars

Written by: Tommy Nations from Charlotte, NC -
Strengths: Expert tech support, top to bottom follwo through

Who are these People? Every developer knows one of the the most important factors that insure successful product delivery is Reliability. Can we deliver the product reliably day in and day out. If we can develop and deliver our products in a rock steady reliable hosting environment we can make more money, feed our kids,and buy more Microsoft software. Several years ago while searching for a Reliable hosting provider our chief developer discovered Maximumasp. No hype NO Sales pitch No dancing bears just specs and rates. They offered 99% uptime, plenty of pipe and space, affordable rates, tons of software and components and 24/7 tech support. "Who are these people? and "When do they Sleep?" After two years we've got a pretty good idea who they are. These people are always there! Every email, every phone call , every problem, every resolution. They know their stuff. Customer service levels are through the roof. None of this,"we'll fix it in the upgrade" around here. They stay right with you till the issue is resolved. These people have always delivered everything they have ever offered. Doesn't matter whether its sales or technical or Billing there is always a Support/technician/developer right there ready to rock. We started out with one VPS account and have grown to Three dedicated server accounts. We are able to deliver more product at less cost, Reliably! Day in and Day out! They may not sleep much but I do knowing Maximumasp is on the job. Our confidence levels are high and growth is steady. Maximumasp Delivers Maximum Service. Don't take my word for it see for yourself. See what maximumasp can do for your bottom line before your competition does.

Review Based On: 24 Months of usage

MaximumASP LLC is an excellent business partner Five Stars

Strengths:Support, Service, Up Time, Performance

Entrusting MaximumASP to host our systems has allowed us to deploy much of our critical processes to the web. We have driven down GPA, and made large savings in automation, allowing us to be very competitive in the technical staffing industry. MaximumASP has been a very responsive, supportive and trusted hosting company. MaximumASP is one of the best for ASP hosting.

Review Based On: 24 Months of usage

MaximumASP: 100% customer satisfaction! Five Stars

Written by: Jochen Neyens from Bree, Belgium -
Strengths: Outstanding support engineers, good control panels, well organised, prominent in technology

We're customer at MaximumASP for almost 2 years now. Their service level is outstanding! Customer satisfaction is at all times their nr.1 goal. At a given point in time we experienced slow performance with one of our VPS accounts. At first they tried to solve the performance issue via various support calls. At the end it turned out that there was nothing much to do about it. MaximumASP sales offered us a dedicated server at “no extra charge”. They even provided a buffer period for us to move all applications from the VPS account to the new dedicated server. Hosting companies who claim to have things up and running for 100% do not exist. If you're into technology you know that things can go wrong from time to time. At MaximumASP things go right for almost 99% of all times. In times that things go wrong they're always there with the right solution! The support engineers remain at a very professional level at all times, even in very complex and lengthy support calls. I've nothing but respect for these guys! Thanks for being there 24/7!

Review Based On: 24 Months of usage

All around best Hosting Experience possible! Five Stars

Written by: Nader Yacoub from Birmingham, AL, USA -
Strengths: Excellent and thorough support, Great Tools, Simple and Powerful Setup, Always on the Cusp of New Technology

We have been a long time customer of MaximumASP and can recall many times where they have gone above and beyond the scope of their responsibilities to help us thru our own development problems. Working with them makes me feel like I have a whole tech department in my corner knowing that I can call on them for anything I need. Not only are they there for us, they are there for us promptly and with great solutions.
It really is an ease of mind to not worry about my hosting when I have so many other responsibilities running my business. If only everyone I dealt with made it this easy.

Review Based On: 48 months of usage

The premier web host Five Stars

Written by: Jay Sones from MS, USA -
Strengths: Support, speed, robust hardware, latest upgrades

MaximumASP has been our host for over two years now, and they never cease to amaze me. The speed with which they resolve technical issues and the incredible professionalism they demonstrate is unmatched. On top of that, their servers are unbelievably fast! No other host I've ever dealt with has even approached this company. To go with another hosting company would be a huge mistake.

Review Based On: 49 Months of usage

Anything more would be considered entrapment Five Stars

Written by: Bill Sisemore from Ranger, WV -
Strengths: Excellent support; unmatched; Kind, friendly and competent; Just plain cool people to deal with.

Being the hard person to please that I am, it is a breath of fresh air to deal with MaximumASP. The $159 a month may sound high to a small-timer like me (one man shop,) but truthfully, the friendly support and reliable hosting is worth ten times that much. I've run my own ISP with my own servers and it easily cost me 50 times per month what I pay MaximumASP. If I could do it all over again I'd have an extra $100,000 in the bank right now. They'll probably give you a deal to start; just ask. You'll have to pay setup fees, but it will be worth it. I've been with them for almost two years now and I could not possibly be happier. I cannot say enough good about these people. I can say this though; If I ever write that "perfect" app that hits the money, MaximumASP will be in charge of hosting it. I would NEVER, let me repeat that, NEVER, go through the trouble these people handle so gracefully again.

Review Based On: 20 Months of usage

They are excellent Five Stars

Written by: Sean Jackson from Dallas, TX -
Strengths: Support, service offering, documentation

I can not recommend this company enough. Great to deal with and very good with MS issues. Setup is a breeze and well documented. The only thing that would make it better is control panel access to the MS SQL databases they provide. Small point considering everything else they do. Support requests are fast and accurate.

Review Based On: 3 Months of usage